Sunday, 1 May 2016

The Great Balls Surfer Beanies

Roisin's son Bob wearing one of the many Great Balls Surfer Beanies being mass produced by Roisin.

And a close up shot of Bob's bean and beanie.

And the beach...

Roisin's grandson Seamus wearing his very own Great Balls Surfer Beanie.
And the back...

One more shot of granddaughter Finella in her Beanie.

Inspiration alert - Roisin and Phil off to Blue Mountains Monday a.m. (which is now I think) to visit with Jude Skeers. More photos to come.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Roisin's Knitting In Oz

Talk about a busman's holiday. Roisin seems to have been knitting up a storm. Here's some photos. 

Roisin in her "knitting corner" in Bob and Mylee's almost-done kitchen/family room. 

I think she was working on this really retro entrelac vest for son, Bob. Bob's sister Maura said it best: "hipsters all over the world are wishing they had a mum to knit them such amazing sweaters."

But she also found time to knit some beanies...four as of April 26. Who knows how many by now? Here is granddaughter Finella modelling the Great Balls Surfer Beanie....

And amazingly, there has still been time for going out and about...but there's still the knitting corner.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Mylee's Sweater - Sort Of

Roisin's daughter-in-law Mylee modeling a Sirdar Raffaella sweater, She requested "de-heading", but Phil didn't comply.  Pink and fluffy has never been Mylee, but she likes the style without the fancy stuff.  A new project for Roisin!

Jude's Salmon

Last Friday Roisin was at Craft NSW gallery, getting a preview of Jude Skeers late May exhibit. He bought a salmon carving when he was in Powell River from Ivan Rosypskye and now he's knitted the design!
Jude said it took a lot of hard graphing to get the salmon right. It looks amazing.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Tla'amin Knitting Class Wrap-Up

The Tla'amin knitting group wrapped up recently - a good time was had by all. And a lot of people learned to knit.

Makaila, Jody and a bit of Angus.  Makaila is the youngest Roisin has ever introduced knitting to, and she's amazing!  Jody is working away on her cowl, and doing very well. 
Bonnie was bored, and checking her phone.  However, Bonnie has produced lots and lots during this class. She deserved a break. Angus has advanced to a new level too. A born knitter, that fellow is!
Pat, Donna and Rose concentrating on even more new stitches and new patterns.  It was hard for Roisin to keep up with their speed of learning.
Esther and Jolene working away, and Amy giggling while she works.

Saturday, 9 April 2016

G'day- Off To Oz

Roisin is off to Australia for April but she will be checking in now and then and sending photos, we hope.

Here's her finished Coast Salish style sweater, noting she experimented with colours and yarns (what a surprise...) You can see Roisin's sweater at the store.

Her students are close behind. Here's Petra's lovely traditional design....sleeves still to come. 
Claire's grey whale is floating in/over the ocean waves, on the back of her sweater.  Claire has a story with this, but you'll have to ask her when you see her wearing it.  Next winter!  Not finished yet, but looking wonderful.
Laura's classic traditional beauty - everyone has produced something different and special.  

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Val's EZ Sweater

Valerie's sheep have never looked so good.  See what you can do with gorgeous handspun?

Valerie is knitting this Elizabeth Zimmermann Adult Surprise Jacket with her own wool, raised, carded, dyed, spun by Valerie.  Looking forward to the finished product; you'll see it at her Farmer's Market table this summer I'm sure.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Coast Salish Sweater Class

Roisin's Coast Salish Sweater Class is winding up-- or down. Such great work here. These sweaters are all knit in the new twisted 6 ply yarn from Custom Woolen Mills AND available at the store. Sooooo much easier to knit with than the roving
Laura's work in progress. This one Laura has chosen to do in a traditional style of design. Looking good.
Jeannie's work in progress. She has chosen these cute birds for the back and vine design on the fronts. We're impressed and I think Jeannie is a little bit too.

This is Claire's with one BIG whale on the back, two smaller ones on the front.

Sam's Blankie

Sam's latest HUGE undertaking.  A BIG blanket.  5 strands of yarn.  We are waiting to see more results. So far it looks and feels good.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Donna's Snarf

Donna looking great in her great looking Snarf.  Olympia by Lana Grossa yarn works well for this pattern.  Congrats Donna!