Friday, 19 December 2014

More Chunky Marble

Hmmm, I believe this is another Carola effort using Chunky Marble for a hat and scarf set.  It might be the new brown and pumpkin colour of Chunky Marble we have recently in stock. (There are many great colours of this yarn).

Chunky Marble Poncho

A very handsome poncho knit with an Arrow pattern in Chunky Marble.  This is one of the top choices for poncho yarn. It's 100% acrylic and washable. No mention from Roisin as to the knitter or the model...

Thursday, 18 December 2014

We Do Yarn

One of GBOW's services...we are really really good at yarn matching. Here, matching up Malabrigo Rios to Galway yarn for cowls or scarves.  Great looking choices, think I'd have to do both. Well, yes! 

Dee's Owl Hat

Dee's creation.  She doesn't need patterns anymore.  Her grandson is going to look so cute in this owl-design-by-grandma teabag hat.

Sunday Loungers

Speaking of the Loopy Lounge, here are Sunday Loopy Loungers,  Claire and Jeannie, from a week or so back.  Jeannie is knitting what  looks like a hat in Odin, and Claire is working on thrumbing mittens with Wisdom Poems.

No Official Loopy Lounge Help Today

Thursday afternoons are "Roisin Will Help You" times. But not today. Roisin is under the weather, going to stay home, and take a well-deserved break. I said she should take at least a couple of days...she works hard!
Of course, you are still welcome to come and knit in the Loopy Lounge--and help one another!

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Not Blue Brenda

Brenda is knitting with (what???) Malabrigo Rios, and it's not BLUE!  This proves knitters are totally versatile--really!

Lori's Marvellous Malabrigo Hat

Lori's fabulous Malabrigo Rios hat with a button detail (I think it's holding the tip of the hat down...very cool). The colours are wonderful and really suit her.  

 Have you noticed it's a Malabrigo week? Because it's such nice yarn to work with...try some if you haven't. Get some more if you have (I'm going to).

Terri's Cowl

Terri modeling her Wisdom Poems cowl (her glasses match).  Nice to see it finished!  What's next, Terri??

Devon's Stripy Hat

Devon and last year's greatest hat ever.  This one is knit in 100% Alpaca--sooo soft-- and Devon says is her first choice for cold weather. The colours work really well for her.