Saturday, 23 May 2015

Petra's Shawls

Here are two beautiful shawls knit by headless Petra.  The pink and blue one combines many yarns and patterns, it's her specialty pattern at this moment.  Very soft and cuddly.
The second one is Malabrigo,(of course) and features a drop stitch pattern in one section. Petra is experimenting with different stitch patterns and they're all working!  Lovely work,


Kim's Butterfly Dress

What a beautiful butterfly dress - Kim's grand-daughter is a very lucky girl!  A challenging pattern was made even more challenging by some of the yarn being discontinued.  Kim is not one to give up though.  Her persistence certainly paid's gorgeous Kim!  Congrats.

 The back.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

William's Sweater For Rivcah

Rivcah, beautiful granddaughter of William and Ruth, showing off her 'knit-by-Grandpa' Galway Chunky 100% wool.  Rivcah is to be commended for sharing this in 24 degree weather. Such a perfect fit and perfect colour.  Congrats Grandpa William!

First Dibs Event On Saturday

Yes!! We will have yarns On Sale.  Some new stuff you haven't seen yet AND the BIG revelation.....our new pattern....which will be free with purchase of yarn @ 10% off.

Today's clue:  Your friends will be 'green' with envy.

(Sheesh, I am just not getting any idea at all as to what this is!)

Spinning Class!

Learn to Spin with Katrina Craig at Great Balls of Wool on Wednesday June 10th - 11 to 3 pm
The cost is $100.00 which  includes, instruction, wool batts and spindle.

Use beautiful handcrafted woodturned spindles, locally made and Katrina's fantastically colourful batts.
Please pre-register, maximum 6 participants.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Hunter's Sweater

Hunter, our Loopy Lounge baby.  Well actually, Hillary's baby if we have to tell the absolute truth. He's wearing a gorgeous pullover, knitted with Lima (Diamond Luxury Collection) by mum, top down, one piece, no sewing, AND, one ball @ $8.95 knit the whole sweater!  100% wool and he's loving it, no 'itch' complaints from this guy!

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Mary's Lundie

This holiday weekend should see quite a few precious grandaughters running around Powell River, Lund and other parts of this region in their new "Lundies"

Mary's latest "Lundie" for her grandaughter - she incorporated a funky yarn around the bottom.  The trim looks like flowers.  We didn't know that before, but now we do!  Love it!

Melise's Sweater

And sometimes the reverse happens: mums end up with things knitted by daughters, Renee is showing off her daughter's handiwork, knit in Noro Retro, wool and silk.  Melise actually knit this for herself but it turned out too big so Renee scooped it.  A great looking garment, perhaps knit in one piece (sort of).  We will have to ask Melise where she got the pattern.  Love it!

Miruh's Cabled Cardy

Miruh modelling her latest for daughter Amanda who probably has a record number of beautiful outfits knitted-by-mum.  The best part is, Amanda loves each and every one - which keeps Mum knitting.  This one has an intricate cable design which shows up much better in real life than in this photo.  (Sorry for washing out your face Miruh, it was a choice between your face or the cable pattern and you know which one was the winner!)
Beautiful work knit in a GBOW fave, Galway Heather 100% wool.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Crazy Pants

Oh my, aren't these fabulous?
These are on the Latest and Cutest list - knit by Denise for a grandaughter who will be wearing these in the fall.  Another creation is in the making using cottons for summer.  We're looking forward to seeing how that works.  
Don't you love the black and white striped cuffs???