Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Elly Stumps Roisin

There are some photos that date back to late March...apologies for not getting them up sooner!
Now, this happens very, very rarely...Roisin is STUMPED...truly. She is trying to work with Elly's specialty stitch, a double Brioche. Mary is knitting it and has tried to correct a 'wrong', and she couldn't so passed it along to Roisin, who couldn't. They need Elly!
Petra in deep concentration at a Thursday's Free Help for Everything (except Elly's specialty double Brioche stitch)  Petra is making a beautiful coat with Rustic Mega Chunky.
Mary explaining that she needs 'HELP'...oh well...Vickie casting on for her next Jude Skeers Circular Shawl in cotton and linen blend.  It'll be gorgeous.
Speaking of Jude Skeers, there's going to be a pile of photos coming up of the man himself!

Catching Up - And Some Silk

Hello all, I am recuperating from major surgery and getting back to a bit of blogging is just the low-key sort of activity I can do (no vacuuming....what a shame). Roisin is still in Oz and has been sending photos, so that's what you'll be seeing for a bit. Imagine the flood of photos of your projects at the end of April when Roisin is back!
And look at this gorgeous yarn. Such fabulous colours. Roisin says it is silk, is all coming home with her, and will be well fondled. She thinks weavers will want to check this stash out.
I wonder if Roisin took an empty suitcase...maybe she made Phil take one!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Ronnie's BSJ Lesson

Eagle eye Carola guiding Ronnie through a dangerous passage in Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket pattern.  Ronnie WILL finish this! And we will show you a photo. 

We Are Amazing!

A little while ago, a young woman from Victoria was on a mission up island and over here to research wool stores for her mum in Nova Scotia. Her mum is planning on opening a wool store there.
And the attraction for coming over to check GBOW out was our blog and facebook presence.  She loved that they were so inclusive, loved the comments and seeing what 'the community' was knitting. Well, and why not? What would we be without our friends and customers?

Pats on the backs all round.  Thanks to you all for making GBOW a thriving community. We're sooo special....aren't we??

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Carmen Models Cables

Carmen modeling Roisin's latest cable pattern sweater.  No, it wasn't knit to her specifcations, but it looks like it!  This sweater is knit in Universal Yarns deluxe chunky.  
And here's the back of the same sweater, same Carmen.

Sally's Blue Jacket

Sally has done a beautiful job with this jacket, learning new skills and techniques along the way, using 100% Australian Merino, the finest of fine yarns.   Top down, NO sewing and an family heirloom button.  I say the whole thing is a family heirloom.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Slow Blogging

Hi faithful readers, blog posts may be few and far between for a bit. I, your blogmeister, am having surgery this week so will not be able to get photos from Roisin, and do the small machinations that need to be done to get them on the blog for you.
And in April, Roisin is heading to Australia from where she will send photos of beaches and other non-woollery. Carola will send me photos for the blog, I expect.
There are a few photos coming up...scheduled due to the magic of Blogger. 
Carola curates the Great Balls of Wool Facebook page so if you use Facebook and have not already "liked" the GBOW page, make sure you do that as photos may appear there sooner than here for a bit.

Brenda's Poncho

Noro Iro was used to make this Poncho with buttons, designed and knit by GBOW staffer Brenda.  Another absolutely gorgeous use of this yarn.  And a perfect choice of colours for Brenda too.

If you really really like this yarn, TOO BAD, Brenda got it ALL! Never, ever procrastinate buying the yarn you covet, that's what we say.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Elly's Scarf

Notice Elly has her knitting in hand, ready to go at any given moment.  Scarf by Elly....gorgeous, of course, using Baby Marble.

Vickie's Skeers Shawl

Knit by Vickie, it's a Jude Skeers design Circular Shawl, this one in Artesanal, Aslan Trends Alpaca and cotton.  A lucky daughter got this lovely piece, modelled here by Carola.