Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Crocheting Beginners

Claire's very first beginner's crochet attempt.  She'll be back with a gorgeous crochet hat shortly. Watch this blog!

Sample Crochet Beginner's Class thingeys...

More Beginner's Crochet Class samples.  You WILL be proficient at making these, and more.....Carola insists!  Evening classes, call for more info.

PowTown Toques

A PowTown Toque on a real head, complete with a cute dimple. We have lots and lots of toques to try on....what a great souvenir for guests!

Birthday Beanie For Mylee

This is Roisin's daughter-in-law Mylee's Birthday Beanie.  Mohair, silk and winging its way to Australia now.  Maybe we'll see a photo on a real head, maybe not!  I saw this "in person" at the store, and it is gorgeous. Lucky Mylee.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Dee Starts Booties

Dee's grandson-to-be is getting a special pair of booties knit-by-Grandma-in-waiting-and-loving-anticipation. No wonder she is paying such close attention.
He'll be swaddled and cozied in Grandma's knitting through his first winter.

Lois's Shawl

Chunky Marble is Lois's choice for this pocketed shawl.  Working out very well as you can see.  You might have seen this work-in-progress if you happened to be on Savary Is this past weekend.

Maria's Jude Jacket

Maria's Jude Jacket creation.  Bottom add-on complete and we dare the knit police to find the join!!  Next, front add-ons, and sleeves and she'll be flaunting it around town. 

Shirley's Jude Jacket Almost Done

UPDATED to include the correct photos! 
Shirley's Jude Jacket creation - the final extensions almost done, and popping purple is next.  She is using Tropical Silk, a cotton/acrylic/silk blend perfect for this project.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Neon Jacket

The latest (and different) Jude Jacket pattern.  This one is knit in the round.  Could be the next class??  Roisin knit this in chunky acrylic (not to be missed) neon colours!  She WILL let you choose quieter colours.

Helping Hands

Dianne helping Liz, a visitor from Ireland, with her crochet project.  Liz promises to return next year to show off the massive baby blanket she will have made!
Wishing Liz contented hours and hours of crochet work and safe air travelling home.  We expect to see Liz at Loopy Lounge afternoons next year.

Friday, 4 July 2014

July Quickie Classes

All $25.00 for 3 classes!
On Offer: 
Roisin will be teaching #1 - #4, and Carola, #5. 

1: The Hipster Bag - sample knit in many-multi colours but you can chose solid or one colour variegated or whatever you imagine! 

2:  Jude's Surprise Jacket -  Choose child or adult size

3:  Another Jude offering - The Circular Shawl.  Easy knit with minimum guidance, it's a popular pattern. 

4:  Chantal Shawl:  Roisin's own pattern - an easy knit but unusual pattern, and it helps to have guidance through it.

5:  Beginner's Crochet Class:  Carola will guide you through the basics.

The Start Dates are flexible at this point.
Roisin's classes: Fri July 11th, 1-3 pm, Sat July 12th, 11- 1 pm,  the next week on Tues. July 15th, 11- 1 pm....or when? All possibilities considered. Just let us know.
Carola's class:  starting Wed July 9, 1-3 pm, or Fri July 11, 11-1 pm or when?