Saturday, 22 November 2014

Hilary's Socks

Hilary's first pair of socks is being knit on top of her 'bump'.  We had to get a bump photo because she's expecting her baby before mid-December. Soon!  Looking forward to watching her grow her socks and her bump.

Friday, 21 November 2014

A Real Baby Surprise Jacket

Despite inadvertently having knitted a couple of adult-sized Baby Surprise Jackets (here) it looks like Shirley's grandson will get a BSJ that fits HIM this Christmas.  Love it!  It's proof that making the same pattern over and over again improves your speed and knitting skills--not to mention the choice of yarns.

Loopy Loungers

The Loopy Lounge in full swing -- although they all look like they're concentrating, doesn't it?  Carola must have cracked the whip.

And here is Kathleen modeling her not-quite finished hat knit with...some kind of yarn. Yes, that's it. Some kind of yarn. Pink. Looks like she's having fun, which is what happens when you come knit with us in the Loopy Lounge.

Clever Maria

John modelling his newest hat knit by very clever knitter, Maria.  This is knit in sideways using short-rows.  It looks like crochet...but it's NOT!  Yarn is one of Maria's faves, Chunky Marble.

And Maria's great long scarf, knit with 100% bamboo = no itch.  The photo doesn't do scarf justice.  We love her choice of stitch for this yarn.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

PowTown Cutie

Mary's granddaughter looking soooo cute in a PowTown Toque knit by Dianne.  Her scarf is knit with Sirdar Escape.  She loves her woollies! 

Myrt the Model

20,21:  Myrt showed up in the perfect modeling outfit and looks great in all Roisin's she is again, in another of Australian designer Jude Skeers' new patterns (not available yet) this one knit in Malabrigo Seleccion Privada by Roisin.  So soft, beautiful, and thank you Myrt.

Another new pattern by Jude Skeers, - and October 2015 guest of GBOW.  Myrt again modeling it for us, this one knit with bamboo, cotton, silk, called Jasmine by Louisa Harding.  This pattern is also not available yet.

Coordinated Mryt

Myrt modelling her own finished Jude Skeers pattern circular shawl, knit with Ester Bitran hand dyed rayon, acrylic and cotton yarn.  Love it--and the necklace with it!

Myrt showing off the circular shawl swirl in the centre. It's our favourite part of how this yarn works with this pattern.

Learning To Knit - Better Together

The Saturday morning Beginners class hard at work.  
Julie's working on her hat.  Liz is working on her cowl. (This is the navy blue side of the table)
Julie modeling her finished Shroom Hat.  First hat project for Julie, well done!
Maria's sparkly sequined Chantal Shawl is looking good (she's not really a beginner).  And Danny is learning the continental knitting method for increased speed. (This is the purple side of the table)

Shirley's Real Surprise

A great SURPRISE for Shirley!  Her Baby Surprise Jacket was intended for a 3 year old but fits Grandma Shirley and looks fantastic on her. Who needs an adult BSJ class?? Not Shirley!

Shirley's 2nd twin BSJ, closer in size, but still too big.  However, kids do grow, so no worries.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Colourful Socks

Roisin is pretty these are Mary's great socks.  We love the vivid colours. And she's working on the heels. She'll be wearing them soon. 

Sue's very first knitted socks and they're a PERFECT fit.  and, perfectly knit.  She's already up to the heel on another pair in finer yarn.  Both in the Garnstudio Drops sock yarns.  These black, white and gray ones are the heavier yarn.  Next ones are lovely blue hues.  Stay tuned.