Friday, 27 November 2015

Jude's Web

Jude's final workshop with us (a month ago?!) was his amazing Knitted Spider Web.  It's knitted in a circle and then expanded like an origami design.
Roisin will offer a class once she's re-done it a few times to get it RIGHT.  The design expertise that went into this creation is above and beyond.

We're still catching up on posting photos from Jude Skeers' Workshops so there'll be more....

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Maria's Point Poncho

 Maria is proud of her "What's The Point? Poncho, (and so she should be) This one is knit in Chunky Marble.  A bit outside her usual choice of pink or purple, but she's happy with it and so are we!

Inger's Cabled Cardy

Inger has done it again!  This time she knocked it out of the park with Zealana Willow, 70% Merino. 30% Cashmere.  We're always taken with Inger's choice of pattern for yarn.  She's an expert!

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Jenna's First Project

We're all impressed!  Our Saturday staffer Jenna has completed her very first knitting project, a hat knit with Diamond Luxury Superwash Aran.  We foresee great knitting 'stuff' to come.  For sure all this year's Christmas gifts.  Jenna is our proof that young people ARE knitting.

Jeannie's Shawl

Jeannie's Moebius shawl.  Noro Shiraito was used in this creation.
Perfect yarn for the perfect moebius.  Nice work Jeannie!

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Lost Ball

Lost your Ball???  This flew into the green space in front of the Great Balls of Wool Store during the last storm.  It hasn't been claimed yet.  Its flock has probably already flown south, so it needs a place to overwinter.  

Maura's Owls

Roisin's daughter Maura saw these on Facebook and wanted them.  Daughter's wish is Mum's command, so these Owl Fingerless Gloves are now keeping Maura's hands warm.
They can be knit with 100g of yarn, and the pattern is free with purchase of yarn.

Aliza's Lundie

Brenda's gorgeous grandkids, Chris and Aliza. Aliza is modeling her grandma-knit Lundie but she needs to grow into this one.  Great colours on her, and congrats,  Brenda, on the knitting and the grandkids!

Beanie Class - December 2 & 3

Here's a timely class happening December 2nd & 3rd.  Cold weather is around the corner....well, it might be here. Keep those ears cozy!
Roisin's Toque/Beanie creation has extra thickness over the ears, and can be made from Kid's size to Large Adult.
It's $50.00for this 2 day class (Wed and Thurs afternoon, Dec 2nd and 3rd - 1 - 3 pm with Roisin)
Please use yarn purchased at GBOW.

Please pre-register, maximum 6 participants.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Alec's Stripey Hat

I (Alane) visited family in October and as my knitting project I took and finished this oh-so-cute stripey hat for my great-nephew Alec. My niece sent me the photos yesterday telling me they had been a bit of a challenge to make "snot free" as wee Alec has a bad cold. He looks pretty cheerful even so...maybe it's the hat.

The yarn is Diamond Luxury superwash merino. The pattern is "Collegiate Hat" by Spud & Chloe (on Ravelry). Thanks to GBOW staffer Brenda for suggesting the fab colour combo!