Monday, 29 September 2014

Celtic Hat

Lisa modeling Roisin's Celtic Hat.  It suits her well.  This class is up and running, and will run again in a couple of weeks.

Purple Props To Dianne

Purple and Fuzzy Dianne modeling her latest creation (notice the colour coordinated ring and earrings).  She used Sirdar Raffaella with one strand of mohair to get this lovely Kimono type jacket.  An edging trim in Modella sets it off beautifully.  Dianne (the spinner) really knows what yarns to put together...and is fast! 

I happened to be in the store the day she bought that yarn, and it was not long ago. Me, I have done a whole 6" on my project in the same amount of time! 

The Current BSJ Class

Debbie, Carola and Shirley at the birth of the new Baby Surprise Jacket Class.  Debbie's BSJ is being knit with Viking Garn Odin, superwash and Shirley's is a surprise-in-waiting for you, and Carola has a pile of BSJ's in various stages of gestation.  She is using Chunky Marble for a couple of them.

Shirley has made a BSJ before, but being a multiply producing family with twin grandbabes, she has to multiply produce the BSJ's too! This one is knit primarily with Curly Kid, 80% mohair, 20% nylon.  We're hoping the mohair/nylon blend will be tough enough to withstand seatbelt usage.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Phil's Old Love Sweater

Some background: many years ago, Roisin knit a sweater for her New Love, Phil. He has worn that sweater for years. There has been a reworking of the neck project of that sweater, fraught with drama (we may tell you the is pretty funny). Here's a link to a photo of the New Love sweater worn by Grandpa Phil with grandson Devin in his sweater.

Roisin finished this "Old Love" sweater for Phil a while back.  She started knitting this on their trip to Australia in April.  It was a design pattern-making venture.  Top down, no seams, nowhere, nohow.  It was knit throughout their visit with Bob (Roisin's son), and his wife Mylee and the three grandchildren, Finella, Declan and Seamus, and reached completion in Lund.

Being the 'Old Love' Sweater it has a few glitches which remain (what old love does not?), one major one that was hidden and covered up (knit police be aware!) and all in all it had quite the journey.  Roisin loves the yarn, Shepherd's Own all natural, undyed (takes her back to the olden daze) and is pleased with the perfect fit. As Phil appears to be. (The neck is perfect)

She will test this same sweater pattern again before she offers it for general consumption.  Not for the faint-fingered!

Friday, 26 September 2014

Diane Maitland

Such sad news this week..  A dear friend of all in the GBOW family Diane Maitland has died of cancer. Our day was brighter whenever she dropped by.
Roisin is so glad she had the time to get to know her and facilitate all those wonderful Cowichan style sweater vests Diane made for her family. They'll be feeling her love in those sweaters for many many years to come. Our condolences to all, We'll miss her.
Please click on the links to see Diane modelling one of those fabulous sweaters, and then, a lovely, lovely photo of her kids, and kids-in-law, wearing all those sweaters.

Godspeed, Diane.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

BSJ Class Start Date

This Friday September 19th--as in tomorrow--the Baby Surprise Jacket Class with Carola starts, from 3-5 pm. So, if you're signed up, great. If not, call right away!

Shirley made this one during the last class.

We Are Excited

Jude Skeers' newest shawl, knit by Roisin, modeled by Dianne.  This pattern will be on the list for his workshops September 2015 in Powell River. 

Did you catch that? Jude Skeers, Australian Textile Artist, will be here! In Powell River! At GBOW! Get your name on the list now!

Jude Skeers' newest circular shawl pattern will be available NEXT September from the man himself. So exciting that he will be visiting us.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Katniss Cowl #3

Dianne modeling Roisin's latest Katniss Cowl.  Check it out at the store soon. It may find a new home as quickly as the other two did. 

Cute Baby Alert!

Brenda's latest family addition, Aliza, modeling Brenda's favourite Malabrigo yarn knit into a vest and hat for the precious babe.  Awww.
Proud mum (and Brenda's daughter) Ruth who happens to be wearing earrings that go with Aliza's outfit.  Our crystal ball foresees many more outfits for Aliza knit by grandma in Malabrigo yarn--which, if you haven't tried, please do! It is so nice to knit with.

Grandma Marcie's Sweater

Apologies for the delay in getting important woolly pictures loaded! Something got unlinked on my laptop which made it impossible to save photos, but all is well now!

Marcie's grandkid is probably wearing this cute owly sweater right now! A cozy knit, in roving yarn.