Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Classes Starting Next Week

We need a minimum of 4 pre-registered participants to run the classes below....all starting next Monday, October 27th.

Mondays: 5-7pm. An after-work/school class with Carola, $60.00 plus materials for four 2 hr. lessons - Knit at your own speed. With this package “easy knit” deal you will create one or all of the following:
a Slouch Hat, Boot Cuffs and Fingerless Gloves.  Aside from lots of fun socializing you will also learn many new skills and knitting tricks.  And possibly some really bad jokes.

Tuesdays: 2-4pm our Sockistas meet for our 2 "Sox-on-2-Circs" Class with Roisin (translation: knit 2 socks at once, toe-up, using 2 circular needles to accomplish this magic) - $75.00 plus materials and you are a lifer, NO end date. You will learn an invisible cast-on method, the after-thought heel, a special elastic-like crochet cast-off. The one-time fee entitles you to never-ending classes.

Wednesdays: 3-5pm New Class with Roisin. Fancy Fingerless Gloves OR Moebius(Cat Bordhi pattern) $60.00 plus materials for four 2 hr. classes.

Thursdays: 1-3pm Free Help with Roisin at our Loopy Lounge. Roisin offers this time to help anyone with anything knitting related. THIS is YOUR time to come for knitting help as we are now in our busy season, this is the BEST time to have your knitting problems addressed. (I'll be there with my impossibly tangled skein of lovely Malabrigo...) 

Fridays: 3-5pm Beginner’s Crochet Class with Carola, $50.00 plus materials for four 2 hr. classes. Learn how to decipher a crochet pattern and create a few useful pieces while learning the basic stitches.

Saturdays: 11-1pm Beginner’s Knit Class Continental Style with Roisin, $60.00 plus materials for four 2 hr. lessons. On completion of these classes (which do not need to be taken on consecutive Saturdays) And the Poncho Knitting Class runs at the same time (because Roisin is a multitasker) Also four 2hr. classes  $60.00.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Dee's Socks...We Think

We thought Dee might be knitting a Dream Catcher, but no, she's just doing her thing--making messes for Roisin to sort out.  Roisin is sure she'll never have memory problems as long as she has Dee challenging her mind.
Another shot of Dee's knitting adventure. This puzzle will turn into bedsocks sooner rather than later.  (Did we tell you that Dee is now a very very proud grandmother?  Well she is.  Mum and baby doing fine.)

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Brenda's Infinity Scarf

Brenda P. has knit this lovely infinity scarf with Diamond Select Chroma which is 100% wool and very reasonably priced.  We like the colour changes in this yarn too.  Less than 2 skeins makes the scarf.

BSJ Progress

Debbie's BSJ reached a critical turning point during the last class--she had an "aha!" moment and teacher Carola was pleased as punch.

Here is Debbie's BSJ with Carola's current BSJ snuggled up beside it, knit with Diamond Luxury Lima.  Debbie's is knit with Vikinggarn Odin.  We have some stock still of the Odin, but if you like this yarn grab it NOW as it will no longer be available from our supplier. 

Shirley's BSJ is very interesting....we are looking forward to seeing how this looks finished.  The surprise jackets are always a surprise.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Claire's Sweater

Claire's Galway Chunky 100% Wool sweater is being knit in one piece.  Here, it is joined all across the back, sleeves and fronts.  Not much left! She'll be wearing it before the weather gets cold.  Looking good. 

(Have you noticed there's a lot of blue things being knit right now?)

Helen's Socks

Helen's first kids socks using Roisin's method which worked well (of course).  These very cute socks will be worn, proudly, by granddaughter Brielle. Matching (but not quite) Mummy socks are next on Helen's agenda.

Lisa's Socks

Teacher's pet Lisa has completed these socks (finally....)  They fit so well and WE ALL think they look great.  Expect to see her showing them off around town.

And she just keeps going! LIsa is loving this yarn, Drops Delight.  She will be even more delighted when she gets to wear these socks as well. It looks like that will be soon.
Remember, if you too want to learn to knit socks in this way...two needles, toe up...Tuesdays: 2-4pm our Sockistas meet for our 2 Sox-on-2-Circs Class with Roisin - $75.00 plus materials and you are a lifer, NO end date. You will learn an invisible cast-on method, the after-thought heel, a special elastic-like crochet cast-off. The one-time fee entitles you to never-ending classes.

Happening Saturday Class

Lots going on during last Saturday's class...Alanna looks gorgeous in a headband from Debbie Bliss' magazine.  Knit by Zia Maria (what a good aunt she is) in Diamond Luxury Superwash DK.  Colour looks soooo good on her, doesn't it?
And here is Alanna's very first knitting project too.  Sirdar Denim yarn, very soft, easy knit for her scarf.  Alanna learned all the stitches in record time and is now launched with circular needles and her first hat.

Linda's poncho is getting there, honest it IS!  She's knitting with Chunky Marble and it's looking good, will look even better on her.

Carol (in red) was finishing up her very first hat, knit with Diamond Luxury Superwash DK. Nice work! Maria is working on her poncho in Chunky Marble and showing Linda how far she's got.   It's all good.

Roisin's been knitting these same pair of socks for a long long time for Niece Lori's partner Richard.  His choice of yarn.  Fun knitting, great colours.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Art Crawl 2014

The Sunshine Coast Art Crawl is on! Now! And Saturday and Sunday. Great Balls of Wool is venue #132 (One hundred and thirty two, folks!), One of 17 venues in Powell River (awesome). In addition to our stable of in house knitters we welcome you to come and see the fine spinning work of Dianne Koke and Pia Elliot. Catch a peek of knitters' at the Beginner’s Knit and Poncho Class Saturday 11am-1pm or bring your knitting or other yarn project along and join in the Sunday Loopy Lounge 1-3pm.
Pick a day and there is sure to be something happening at Great Balls of Wool. And there are always amazing yarns.

Here is the amazing team making up the Arts Crawl Organizing Committee (from Lower Sunshine Coast) who breezed through Great Balls of Wool this morning as they made the rounds of the Upper Coast venues. Nadine Wong, Deanne Mineau, Linda Williams, and Shelley Harrison Rae are primarily responsible for all the hard work and invisible organizing for this year's hugely successful Arts Crawl on the Lower and Upper Sunshine Coast. Thanks!
Shelley modeled one of Roisin's Katniss Cowls....looks great.

Linda and Shelley checking things out (notice Linda has a hank of yarn firmly clasped in her hand).

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Grown-Up Booties

Miruh has been knitting grown-up booties for her daughter.  We say daughters are never too old for booties.  Miruh doubled the yarn to make these chunky.  The yarn is 51 % Merino so warmth is guaranteed--and the colour is so cheerful.  Lucky Amanda!