Friday, 14 July 2017

We're Done Blogging

After six and half years, we're going to stop posting to this blog. Back in 2011, we didn't have a web site, nor an Etsy store, nor a Facebook page, so a blog made a lot of sense as a place for the GBOW community to stop by and see photos of customers' lovely work, hear about sales, and get information about classes. 

But we have other ways to do that now.

With social media trending towards short posts (tweets, Facebook updates...) and photos, there's not as much appetite for the longer style of writing that we often do here. 

If you haven't already, "like" Great Balls of Wool on Facebook, or pop by our web site, or check or our Etsy store

Thanks very much for travelling along this road with us. We've enjoyed the journey. 

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Where Have We Been?

Well, that's been a Very Long Break in blogging, hasn't it? There's been some illness, a lot of busyness, and life events intervening. 

Here, as a teaser, are a couple of photos of Roisin's entries taken on April 22 at the 3rd annual Ecouture fashion show held this year at Dwight Hall....that's a lot of people attending! The first show was held at the Rodmay in the central hallway....that's how much interest has grown in this fabulous show. 
The rest of the beautiful photos--taken by Stephen Grover and Jennifer Dodd--are on Facebook at this link (scroll down to see the photo entries--all 350 of them!)
ECouture Fashion Show & Events

Carol modelling...she looks professional, doesn't she?

And Phil with great grandson Robbie looking very handsome.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Cowichan Style Sweater Class In Progress

Claire showing off her work to date. She comes over every Wednesday afternoon on the ferry from the Island. So far, no delays, no problems! And Claire definitely gets an A for Effort.

Claire's sweater taking even more shape.  We think this is the cheekiest Raven and totally in character with his trickster reputation.  We need more cold weather so Claire can wear this soon.

This whale design is being knit with Briggs & Little by Shirley.  She knit the same one for her grandson for Christmas, and now Grandpa gets his own! 

Joan will be finished pretty quick with this one for a special daughter. It's a great looking sweater, using Prairie Sea Fusion 6 strand twisted wool.  Nice work!

This whale will be swimming pretty soon on Texada Island.  Bonny has already ripped this all the way back once, don't think that will happen again. It will be very special sweater when finished.

And this one is Samuel's - a wonderful 18 yr old knitter!  The motifs are all his own. We can't wait to see this finished too. We're hugely impressed with his knitting.

Some Excellent Hats

Not to wish a long winter upon us, but these beauties deserve some head time.
Katie showing off her crochet felted hat.  She says it's WARM!  I'll bet it is! We love the way the colours worked in this. She used Malabrigo Snowbird Worsted. 

And two beautiful hats knit by beautiful Wendy. Debbie Bliss Milano for the blue one--and what a great use of local handspun by Katrina for the band! The second hat has some of our new Chicpaca mixed with a worsted weight. Love the BIG pompon too! (Giant pompoms are showing up on fashion runways right now).

And this Red Felted Hat being shown off here by Susan. Nice knitting and felting job. The pin is a great touch. There's something that says "Lady Detective" about this hat....

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Snow Day

The store will be closed today due to SNOW! Lots of it...and so far, not much road clearing is happening.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The ZevolutionJ

Olga modelling two versions of Roisin's latest original creation, the "ZevolutionJ."
Inspired by Elizabeth Zimmermann and Jude Skeers, it has evolved into this jacket, knit with Prairie Sea Fusion 100% wool

All natural colours and wool, and all gorgeous! 
And everyone, even Olga, looks hotter in sunglasses.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Wendy's Owls

Here is one of the Wendy's' very cute Owl Toque, knit with Dore, Wool, Alpaca and Acrylic.  Congrats Wendy, it looks great. 

Monday, 23 January 2017

Mary Lou Vella

We were sad to note the passing of Mary Lou Vella recently. Mary Lou was one of the original "Loopy Loungers" back in 2012 when Roisin opened up the room as a communal knitting space. She was an amazingly fast knitter, loved sparkly things, helpful to less skilled knitters--and always cheerful. 
She is second from the right in this photo, taken in February 2012. 

Messy Bun Hats

Our Messy Bun Hat class was a HUGE success!  A fun time and hats were completed in 2.5 hrs--done and done!  Elfrieda was trying to get out of the picture--her hat is shown 'in progress' but was completed too.  No loose ends even!

Another Wendy's Shawl

Another Wendy recently completed this lovely lacy shawl, a beautiful complement to our new Soxy Lady yarn, 25% alpaca.  Soft and very special.