Wednesday, 23 April 2014

So Cute!

Sally sent us this photo of a very cute wee boy wearing a lovely sweater she made using Lima Tinto wool, with a matching hat made from the softest Australian merino wool and trimmed with Lima Tinto.

The Broome Beanie

Roisin's grandson Declan modelling (sort of) the "Broome Beanie" knit from 6 balls of eyelash yarn.  Carola has the pattern at the store.  We'll have another photo of 'The Mighty Fin' (Roisin's granddaughter Finella) modeling it. Actually, Roisin could take another photo of Declan modelling and tell us it was Finella and we would be none the wiser.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Twisted Alpaca Shawl

This Twisted Alpaca Shawl with armholes pattern was in the Australian Magazine Magazine "ArtWear".  Roisin knit it on bigger than the pattern called for needles, 8mm with worsted weight silk and alpaca yarn by Araucania.  The pattern is available at the store.  Great summer wearable art.

Jude & Roisn

Roisin sent a lot of wonderful photos of her visiting with the amazing Jude Speers in Australia. I realize that location is a bit general but I am not sure exactly where Roisin met up with Jude...I will update when I know. In the meantime, enjoy the photos of Roisin with Jude and some fantastic yarn creations. 
In this one, Jude is wearing a hat made for him by the style of the traditional hats of the Tla'amin Nation.

Saturday, 19 April 2014


Happy Easter or Passover, if these are holidays you celebrate.
I always like to have a look on the web to see what sort of knitting related holiday pictures I can find. There is no shortage of photos of knitted eggs, bunnies, chicks and so on....but this is even better, and looks like a totally whackadoodle book. Anybody actually own this? Who are these guys?! Aside from being "Scandinavian knit designers" (as the back of the book says).

Nan's Cowl

Nan's lovely cowl, knit with Wisdom Poems.  Nice work Nan! 

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Socks R Us

Goodness, we are prolific sock makers here!
Now that Jeannie knows how to knit socks a pair at a time on circular needles she off and running with her 2nd pair in Drops heavier sock yarn.  These ones knit up quickly, Jeannie will tell you!
Mary has started knitting 'back to work' socks and we're sure will be a quick study.  She's already cast on and increasing for the toe.  Yeah Mary!

Debbie's very first time knitting socks, and look at these beauties!  Roisin believes it's easier to learn the method of 'pair of socks together on 2 circular needles' if you're not a life-long 'other-way' sock knitter.  Our GBOW Sockista method has evolved from all the sock knitting knowledge out there and incorporated the best, fastest and most productive tricks from everyone.  Our most recent addition was the 'Edward Twist'.  You'll have to ask us about this--when you come knit your socks.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Elly Stumps Roisin

There are some photos that date back to late March...apologies for not getting them up sooner!
Now, this happens very, very rarely...Roisin is STUMPED...truly. She is trying to work with Elly's specialty stitch, a double Brioche. Mary is knitting it and has tried to correct a 'wrong', and she couldn't so passed it along to Roisin, who couldn't. They need Elly!
Petra in deep concentration at a Thursday's Free Help for Everything (except Elly's specialty double Brioche stitch)  Petra is making a beautiful coat with Rustic Mega Chunky.
Mary explaining that she needs 'HELP'...oh well...Vickie casting on for her next Jude Skeers Circular Shawl in cotton and linen blend.  It'll be gorgeous.
Speaking of Jude Skeers, there's going to be a pile of photos coming up of the man himself!

Catching Up - And Some Silk

Hello all, I am recuperating from major surgery and getting back to a bit of blogging is just the low-key sort of activity I can do (no vacuuming....what a shame). Roisin is still in Oz and has been sending photos, so that's what you'll be seeing for a bit. Imagine the flood of photos of your projects at the end of April when Roisin is back!
And look at this gorgeous yarn. Such fabulous colours. Roisin says it is silk, is all coming home with her, and will be well fondled. She thinks weavers will want to check this stash out.
I wonder if Roisin took an empty suitcase...maybe she made Phil take one!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Ronnie's BSJ Lesson

Eagle eye Carola guiding Ronnie through a dangerous passage in Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket pattern.  Ronnie WILL finish this! And we will show you a photo.